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About Us

Strömbeck Pieterse Attorneys

Traditional foundation with a modern, versatile approach...


About us

Strömbeck Pieterse Attorneys balances a strong, traditional foundation with a modern and versatile approach. Our dynamic firm consists of skilled individuals committed to transparent, focused and professional advice and services tailor-made to the specifications and individual needs of our clients. Our take on client relationship management; our high and consistent level of service and our professional, modern infrastructure ensures all present and future clients the enjoyment of a long and beneficial relationship with us.

Strömbeck Attorneys and Pieterse Cary Finlaison Attorneys joined forces in July 2015 to be known as Strömbeck Pieterse, a firm which is far greater than the sum of its parts. Strömbeck Attorneys was established by Justin Strömbeck, and Pieterse Cary Finlaison was established by Schalk Pieterse and Rudolf de Bruyn. Our board of directors consists of Justin Strömbeck, Schalk Pieterse, and Wynand Neveling, all of whom are well placed and qualified to deal creatively, efficiently and effectively with any legal problems presented to them. Our fresh approach to an age old profession sees Strömbeck Pieterse Attorneys as the ‘go-to’ law firm for the 21st century individual or company.